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Welcome to Wilson Inmate Package Program Approved for NY State Inmates

Welcome to Wilson Inmate Package Program; the most trusted NY State Monthly inmate package provider. We specialize in providing families with easy shopping solutions for buying and sending approved products to NY State DOCCS inmates. 

Wilson's has been in operation for more than 12 years supporting inmates and families with their care package needs. We understand the frustration families can experience when trying to locate approved products, affordable pricing, and a keen understanding of the NY State Directive 4911. Our products are always fresh, alcohol free, hermetically sealed, and shipped weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Our shipping schedule is set to keep perishables fresh throughout transit and delivery. Facility security is our top priority; we ship all perishables to meet package room guidelines. 

We encourage you to setup an account or shop as a guest; receive a 10% discount whenever you shop with us! In addition, use our in shopping cart weight calculator to buy just the right amount of food. You never have to over spend and waste food again! When setting up a free account; you can review the last purchase and confirm your order weight. Again, your convenience is our top priority! Our quality assurance team keeps in close communication with all 55 NY State Package Rooms to keep abreast of the many changes to their Facility Operating Procedures-FOP's. New to our package program is the Wilson's Food Subscription Program- customers may setup and auto ship to purchase monthly packages. You may send the same order monthly or make edits. Contact Us for Details!

Our dedicated Family Care Team works daily to meet your customer service needs. You may contact us Monday-Friday at 800-210-1896. We look forward to speaking with you. 

We appreciate your business.  

Team Wilson 

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