Reception & Classification


        1. What takes place when an inmate first arrives to the prison?


Upon arrival to a prison Reception Center, the inmate must go through the reception and classification process. This could take up to 120 days. Once all the inmate’s case factors are reviewed he/she will be assigned a classification score. He/she will then participate in an initial classification committee and be recommended for appropriate placement at an institution based on his/her level. The inmate’s family location is taken into consideration, however being placed near family is not guaranteed due to many other factors.


        2. Can I call the inmate or can he/she call me while in the reception process?


While in Reception Center, the inmate will not have telephone privileges nor will he/she be able to receive packages. However he/she can receive mail and writing supplies. The majority of prisons allow 10 stamped envelopes, and a writing tablet to be mailed in first class mail to the inmate.

To send mail to the inmate, address your letters this way.

Name, CDC#
Facility, Building #, Cell #
PO Box ____
City, State Zip Code


        3. Can I visit the inmate while he/she is housed in the reception center?


Upon completing the visiting application process and being an approved visitor you can visit an inmate in the reception center. Reception Center visiting takes place behind glass and is by appointment only. (For further information on visiting return to the Visiting Link)